On the Issues

An Independent, No-Nonsense Leader

Loranne has spent her career in public service advocating for children, the disabled and public employees. As an independent-minded, no-nonsense leader respected on both sides of the aisle, Loranne has always focused on finding common ground to help hardworking families here in North Florida—and that’s exactly what she’ll do as our next State Senator.

Rebuilding Our Communities

Immediately after Hurricane Michael, Loranne traveled from Panama City to Tallahassee with the Red Cross to identify immediate needs. Loranne helped to coordinate delivery of supplies, personally delivering food, baby supplies and other basic needs over several weeks. And she has not stopped. Loranne is determined to make sure all our communities have the resources to recover, rebuild and get back on their feet, stronger than ever.

Strengthening Our Schools

Politicians in the State Capitol have slashed education funding to the bone, putting more and more pressure on our kids and our overworked teachers to do more with less. Loranne will work to invest in early learning, our local schools and giving teachers a raise.

Standing Up for State Employees

State workers in North Florida do more with less pay than any other state workers in the nation. Loranne will advocate for regular pay raises and to protect state employee health benefits and the pensions they have earned.

Protecting Our Land and Water

Florida’s natural resources are critical to our economy here in North Florida. Loranne will stand up to those who would rather play political games than preserve the land and water that help make North Florida a great place to live, work and raise a family.